• programa : Masterplan usos mixtos
  • pais : Uruguay
  • orden : 60

Car One

Canelones, Uruguay


Car One is an international level commercial venture that is being set up in Uruguay with a large-scale proposal. The main purpose of Car One is the sale of new and used cars, for which a triangular-shaped building is projected, with a central courtyard, to house the commercial premises of various dealerships.

Under construction
19 200 m2

In order to generate a comprehensive proposal, a mechanic’s workshop, a commercial area, a supermarket, gastronomic establishments and a future residential real estate development are included.


Car One is strategically located on the Interbalnearia Route, an important tourist corridor with direct connection to the airport and to the city of Montevideo to the west, and to the country’s leading tourist resorts to the east.


The characteristics of the area where it is implanted, in terms of landscape and connectivity, mean this “urban piece” will help drive dynamic growth in the area.


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