Apr 02 , 2024

Reimagining cities: Gp at CRET 2024

From April 8th to 10th, the Real InterContinental Hotel in San José, Costa Rica, will host the fourth edition of the Commercial Real Estate Trends (CRET) Summit, organized by INversión Inmobiliaria Magazine.  

Reading time: 6 minutes

This event aims to bring together various stakeholders from the commercial real estate industry to discuss and analyze the goals and strategies needed to drive sector growth. 

The Costa Rican real estate market is projected to reach a value of US$326.90 billion by 2024, with the Residential Real Estate segment dominating and expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.47% , reaching US$360.40 billion by 2028. This market is attracting foreign investors interested in sustainable and eco-friendly properties, reflecting Costa Rica's dedication to environmental conservation. 

The CRET Summit 2024 intends to address critical industry topics through a variety of formats, including individual talks, discussion panels, business networking, workshops, keynote speeches, and a project tour. These activities are designed to explore emerging trends, share knowledge, and foster business opportunities among participants. 

The event will feature prominent speakers from the real estate field, who will cover main topics such as Logistics, Retail & Shopping Centers, Offices, Industrial, Hospitality, and Multifamily. These subjects reflect the diversity and complexity of the commercial real estate market, offering a comprehensive view of the current challenges and opportunities. 

This year, as a novelty, the Real Estate Golf Cup will take place before the official start of the CRET Summit. This golf tournament is designed to strengthen relationships among event participants. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to analyze megatrends and discuss the future of the commercial real estate sector, with a particular focus on how artificial intelligence is transforming the industrial and logistics business. The symbiotic integration between properties and automation technologies, as well as the challenges of last-mile logistics, will be relevant discussion points. 

Furthermore, changes in the corporate, commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors will be examined, especially in response to post-pandemic human demands. Topics such as holistic well-being and the transformation of spaces to meet new needs will be explored. 

Ricardo Fernandez, Regional Business Development Manager, will give a talk titled "Reimagining Cities: Urban Transformation Through Mixed-Use Spaces." This presentation will delve into the importance of mixed-use architecture and programmatic hybridization as key tools for urban revitalization. 

The CRET Summit 2024 positions itself as an essential platform for professionals, developers, and investors interested in the future of commercial real estate, offering a unique space for the exchange of ideas, strategies, and trends that will shape the direction of the sector.