Feb 26 , 2024

Gómez Platero at the new edition of Expo Real Estate Guatemala.

The most recent edition of Expo Real Estate Guatemala, held on March 14 and 15 in Guatemala City, saw the participation of various key players from the real estate sector. This event, organized by the Association of Real Estate Developers of Guatemala (ADIG) and Grupo S.G, has established itself as a significant meeting point for professionals, developers, and investors in the real estate field, offering a space for exhibitions, workshops, and a congress with more than 50 international speakers. 

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Guatemala's real estate sector is experiencing significant growth, highlighted by the expansion of urban projects, luxury residences, and commercial and office spaces. This boom is driving the national economy through an increase in investments and job creation, significantly contributing to the GDP. By 2024, the market is expected to reach US$424.10 billion, with the residential segment leading at US$344.40 billion. This trend highlights the strong demand for quality living spaces, showcasing the country's economic strength and the sector's investment potential. 

As part of this event, two members of the Gómez Platero team shared the Studio's experience through talks focused on topics relevant to urban development and architecture. 

Ricardo Fernández, Gómez Platero's Regional Manager, presented "Reimagining Cities: Urban Transformation through Mixed-Use Spaces". His talk focused on the interaction between buildings and public spaces, as well as the importance of mixed-use developments to create projects that serve as platforms for experiences that transform cities, communities, and people. 

On the other hand, Santiago Perez, an architect from Gómez Platero's Business Development Department, offered a presentation titled "Urban Transformation: Public Spaces and Innovation Districts as Connectivity Drivers". During his intervention, Perez emphasized that every architectural intervention has an impact at the urban level and that it is impossible to overlook both the immediate and extended environment when intervening in cities. Additionally, the talk delved into different scales of intervention and how understanding and managing these scales can help manage cities effectively. 

Expo Real Estate Guatemala offered a platform to discuss a wide range of topics, from the current economic situation and artificial intelligence to real estate strategies in uncertain contexts, sustainability, and urban planning. The event also explored the dynamics of mortgage and bridge loans, which are fundamental for understanding the present and future of the real estate sector both locally and internationally. 

The presence of professionals and companies from the sector at this event highlights the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences that contribute to the development of the real estate sector in Guatemala and the region. Participation in talks and presentations allows attendees to gain a broader perspective on current and future market trends, as well as on innovations in the field of urban development and architecture. 

At the event's conclusion, Fernando Marroquín, President of ADIG, remarked, "The real estate sector is one of the most important pillars for the country's economy, contributing year after year to the generation of employment for thousands of people. Therefore, we look forward to welcoming you next year with new experiences and visions for the future of the real estate market, construction, and offerings for a society in constant change, with new needs to be addressed."