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Banco Guayaquil. Building Renovation

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Corporate building renovation

The headquarters of Banco Guayaquil is located in a quarter of  Guayaquil characterized by corporate buildings, government buildings, hotels, shops and services. It consists of three buildings that  were historically incorporated so as to complete its operational capacity, and an annex building in the adjacent block. Its integration was one of the challenges considered when addressing the project, aiming at unifying them through design actions in order to achieve a new corporate image, proposing a unitary, consistent and innovative action.

Corporate building renovation
Built, 2016
11 000 m²
Juan Alberto Andrade. @JAG_Studio

In the remodelling operation, four scenarios of action stand out: the remodelling and expansion of the operational areas, the redefinition of the functional and spatial connection of the building with the public space at the entrance level, the façade envelope and the elevated bridge connecting with the Annex Building.


This assignment opens the possibility of studying new forms of work and their spaces in order to create a pioneering strategy, a reference for the buildings of the institution. The change in the productive matrix of the Bank is associated with the spatial concept of garden-office, which proposes a motivating and relaxed work environment, where the gathering and conference areas are protagonists and encourage interaction and collaborative work. Operational areas and their connections are studied, achieving a qualitative change in their functioning, translated into new spatial clarity and functional standardization: work spaces are organized in open layouts, and conference rooms are conceived as transparent enclosures.


The terrace is integrated as a fifth facade that preserves spaces for technical use, adds green areas and equipment, inviting to enjoy the view to the Guayas River and informal conversations, consequently improving the life quality of its customers and the city.


At the entrance level, the creation of qualified public space stands out, proposed in the expansion of the existing gallery, which achieves a defining value improved by the institution and is offered for collective use. A new access on the Malecon connecting the building with the public space of the coastal walkway on the Guayas River is included.


Outdoors, the project adopts a repertoire of materials according to the new institutional image: details in exposed concrete, composite aluminium panels, stainless steel and curtain wall with natural aluminium fins that reinforce horizontal lines. The new enfolding is defined as a second skin that distinguishes outstanding parts of the building, such as the existing mural that qualifies the original entrance to the banking headquarters, considering it a heritage value to be enhanced. This facade defines the new image and improves the energy efficiency of the whole complex.