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Banco Guayaquil. La Mariscal offices and drive-thru bank

Quito, Ecuador


La Mariscal offices and drive-thru bank of Banco Guayaquil, in Quito, Ecuador, answers to the functional requirements of the corporate banking program and its specific objectives—given its strategic location within the city—, acting as an effective tool for brand positioning.

Drive-thru bank, Corporate
Completed, 2021
240 m²
Juan Alberto Andrade. @JAG_Studio

The building sits on a corner lot, at the intersection of 6 de Diciembre Avenue and Robles St. This juncture of the urban mesh offers an opportunity to address two distinct facades.


Our design offers a recognizable landmark of a high visibility within the surroundings, while the building functions as an integral part of the brand’s identity. In order to comply with functional needs, it rationally articulates the two components of the banking activity: personalized service, and an automated drive-thru facility. The building’s success as a corporate symbol will depend on achieving an appropriate balance between these two elements.


The design is structured around the voids and masses—juxtaposed and offset—that make up the volumetric unit. The ground floor volume houses the personalized service area; a second volume sits on top, slightly offset, creating a void and offering protection to the cars that make use of the drive-thru service below.


This canopy materializes as a skin of perforated steel painted in the institutional colors. A taller, vertical volume becomes a visible element in the surroundings.


The personalized service sector includes an area for financial officers and sales representatives, a waiting room, cashiers, ATMs and cash deposit machines. The drive-thru bank allows users to perform deposit and withdrawal operations from the comfort of their vehicles, but also includes a window serviced by a teller and an automated teller machine. The back-office area is split in two: the banking activities area on the ground floor, and personal areas for workers, such as restrooms and cafeteria, on the first floor.


The building has been designed with user experience in mind. It prioritizes functionality and allows for drive-thru and personalized service to coexist in the same site, in an efficient and orderly manner.