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An invitation to be more human

Creativity has always been a means to express the human essence. In the 21st century, although we have incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily lives for its speed, precision, and logic, our intuitive and emotional abilities remain fundamental, especially in artistic creation.


Historically, art has emerged from a desire beyond necessity, reflecting human sensitivity. Today, we not only create art but also design entities capable of generating artistic works, providing new perspectives and tools to explore our creativity.


Artistic expression has always been a mirror of its time, and in this technological era, AI has become an integral part of the creative process. This fusion of creativity and technology not only expands our creative possibilities but also opens pathways for innovative artistic expressions and fosters the democratization of innovation.

Reflecting on the rapid technological development in the Digital Age is crucial to ensure a future with greater humanity. By combining technology and creativity, we enhance our values, advance in art, and work towards a better world. In our desire to #SeeBeyond, over a year ago, we incorporated Artificial Intelligence into our work processes, aiming to achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency, and detail. Since then, the creative process of our team has been amplified by this digital tool that invites collective creation.


Aligned with these objectives, we conceived our end-of-year greeting as an invitation to reflect on human capacity, aiming to reproduce the synergy we experience daily in our interaction with artificial intelligence as a tool to expand our capabilities and broaden our creative horizon.


Taking the concept of origami as a base, we have designed a GP creation experience that proposes a return to the basics, to the material, and to the ritual. This approach serves as a starting point to combine human creativity with the amplifying potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The Ritual of Origami: A Return to the Origins

The Japanese practice of origami has spread worldwide and is a symbol of faith, hope, and peace. According to an ancient Japanese belief, folding 1000 paper cranes brings good fortune. Legend has it that the crane lives for 1000 years, and thus, in Japanese culture, garlands of 1000 paper cranes are often made for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

“When you fold, the ritual and the act of creation are more important than the final result. When the hands are busy, the heart is at peace.”

Akira Yoshizawa, Grand Master and Father of Origami.

An Open Invitation

Being more human involves elevating our essence to a new level, transforming empathy, curiosity, tolerance, resilience, and intelligence into key tools for forging a better world. In this global context, which invites us to consider unity within diversity and to redefine the concept of Peace, the art of origami emerges as a means to rekindle the spirit of connection, highlighting the importance of shared values beyond our differences.


With our New Year ´s card, we extend an invitation to join this creative initiative starting with a simple piece of paper. This symbolic act marks the beginning of a new collective work. The creation of an origami figure, combined with the intervention of our GP Artificial Intelligence platform, demonstrates the potential that new tools offer to enrich and amplify Human Intelligence, expanding the horizons of creativity and emulating our everyday creation processes.


In each of our processes, we renew our commitment to contribute to the constant construction of a more human, empathetic, and collaborative being, where new tools enhance our creativity in an ever-evolving world.


That is our wish.


Happy 2024.