May 06 , 2024

GP at REBS Baja California: Nearshoring and Mixed-Use Developments

The upcoming edition of REBS Baja California, organized by Inmobiliare, is scheduled for May 9th at the Quartz Hotel in Tijuana. This event will convene industry experts to delve into trends, challenges, and opportunities within medical, industrial, and residential tourism sectors. In 2023, Tijuana's industrial real estate market saw significant growth, attributed to low vacancy rates—a trend fueled by the continued impact of nearshoring in the northern region of Mexico. Tijuana's strategic location has proven instrumental in attracting investments, with 34 transactions recorded, representing an absorption of 4.11 million square feet of available space by the year's end, as per Market Analysis reports. 

The event will tackle critical topics in real estate development and innovation, including discussions on the border's housing price evolution, the outlook and challenges of Baja California's real estate market, with a keen focus on vertical and mixed-use development. Moreover, attendees will explore medical tourism through a real estate lens, shedding light on its potential as a multibillion-dollar industry and its implications for associated infrastructure. Additional topics will encompass the transformative role of architecture, leveraging technology in marketing properties to foreign clients, and the latest trends in real estate financing and marketing. Strategies and challenges related to industrial park development, nearshoring, and resource optimization in construction and development will also take center stage, alongside discussions on innovations in real estate logistics and technology applied to distribution centers. 

In this context, Santiago Pérez, an architect from the Studio's Business Development division, will present a talk titled "Nearshoring and Mixed-Use Developments: Strategic Synergy for Urban Activation." This session will delve into how integrating nearshoring and mixed-use developments can reshape communities, fostering urban, economic, and social benefits. Such synergy not only addresses the needs of the nearshoring sector but also fosters the emergence of new focal points, expands service offerings, and revitalizes urban landscapes, thereby enriching the broader community. 

REBS Tijuana promises to bring together 25 speakers and 200 attendees for a day of networking, training, and updates, showcasing the latest in investments, transformation, sustainability, creativity, innovation, and sectoral advancements.