May 22 , 2024

GP at the 5th Edition of EXPO REAL ESTATE PERU

On May 29-30, the fifth edition of Expo Real Estate Perú took place at the Country Club Lima Hotel. Organized by ADIG and Grupo S&G, the event featured over 100 stands, 90 speakers, and 50 workshops. Ricardo Fernandez presented "Reimagining Cities: Transformation Through Mixed-Use Spaces," while Santiago Perez led a workshop on "Urban Transformation: Public Spaces and Innovation Districts as Connectivity Drivers." 

Reading time: 3 minutes

The event addressed the need for offices to innovate in response to remote work trends, advocating for multifunctional spaces that enhance worker well-being. Sustainability and office design's role in meeting post-pandemic labor demands were also highlighted. 

Experts from more than 10 countries convened to shape the real estate sector's agenda, presenting studies on self-construction in Peru and proposals for predictable housing financing. Discussions encompassed the impact of the Port of Chancay, urban innovation, and the imperative of formality in real estate. 

Peru's real estate market faces an annual demand for 200,000 homes, with only 20% fulfilled by formal construction. ASEI reports sales growth in Metropolitan Lima in January 2024, with significant activity in Miraflores, Cercado de Lima, and Santiago de Surco, which collectively represent 33% of the capital's real estate supply. 

Expo Real Estate Peru 2024 served as a vital platform for exploring urban development innovations and sustainability practices, underscoring the pivotal role of public spaces in urban planning.