Jun 04 , 2024

GP at REBS Monterrey Summit+Expo

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On June 6, at the JW Marriott in Monterrey, Mexico, Gómez Platero Architecture and Urbanism will participate in a new edition of REBS Monterrey Summit+Expo, organized by Inmobiliare

The event will bring together over 70 speakers and 750 attendees to discuss crucial topics in the real estate sector. The thematic axes will include Urban Logistics, focused on optimizing urban transportation and distribution; Capital Markets, on real estate financing and investment management; Disruptive Real Estate, exploring innovations transforming the industry; Hospitality, centered on the development and management of hotel properties; and Sustainability, addressing practices for more eco-friendly real estate development. 

Monterrey is one of the major urban centers in northern Mexico and one of the regions with the highest real estate projection in the country. According to data from the Mexican Social Security Institute and CBRE Research, during the last quarter of 2023, Monterrey registered 1.3 million m² in net absorption in the industrial real estate market, surpassing the annual figure for 2022. Construction activity in the city grew by 30.7% annually, reaching 1.2 million m². New deliveries totaled over 414 thousand m² by the end of 2023, of which 82% correspond to build-to-suit and pre-leased projects. 

Carlos Sánchez, a member of the Business Development area for Mexico at the firm, will participate in the panel titled "Vertical Integration in Real Estate: Building an Integral Ecosystem. Advantages of Vertical Integration in Monterrey." This panel will delve into the integration of sustainability, showing how vertical integration can incorporate sustainable practices throughout the real estate lifecycle. It will also discuss the advantages of vertical developments in terms of services and quality of life. Additionally, it will analyze how technological advances are transforming the design of neighborhoods and the construction of vertical housing to address current challenges. Finally, it will explore how to respond to the growing population demand and the impact of nearshoring in a vertical manner, minimizing negative effects. 

This year, REBS Monterrey Summit+Expo aims to become a zero-carbon event to minimize environmental impact and actively contribute to the fight against climate change. Industry experts will share their knowledge, experiences, and current trends through keynote speeches, pitches, and panels. Simultaneously, the Rebs Talks will take place, an event designed to inspire, educate, and connect industry professionals through six different workshops, each focused on a crucial topic for success in the real estate market. 

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