120 Minutes GP: Hotels

120 Minutes GP: Hotels

120 minutes. Conversations GP: Hotels

The hotel industry has been one of the most dynamic and effervescent areas within tourism architecture in recent years. With the impact of the pandemic and the significant changes in consumer habits it brought, the design and implementation of hotel spaces have entered a stage marked by new demands, requirements, and management styles.

In order to share our experience and promote the collaboration that emerges from sharing knowledge, our studio created «120 minutes» a cross-sectional space oriented towards dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and the creation of new tools to be applied in the different programs and services.

In this first edition of «120 minutes» we brought together representatives from all the areas that make up the studio so that they can present their diverse experiences and conclusions generated throughout the entire design process linked to hospitality, from the conception of the initial idea to the construction and management of the work.

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