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Montevideo, Uruguay

Residential building

Vitacura is located in a corner of unique characteristics: an extensive prow facing the sea defined by the foundational layout of the garden district of Carrasco. This triple encounter between city, garden and sea represents the qualities of the Carrasco heritage area. The presence of open public spaces (Rambla and square Prof. E. Monteverde) opens distant perspectives from and to the site and turns the horizon of the sea into the protagonist.

Residential building
Completed, 2009
Plot: 2 100 m². Built: 3 500 m²
Selected for the VIII Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, Cádiz, 2012

The building, with residential destination, is solved with a unitary and simple gesture: a segment of circular generatrix that takes advantage of the maximum possible development of the facade. This geometry allows us to articulate with complementary interests the unitary and stable presence of the building in distant perspectives as well as the partial and dynamic presence of the near perception.

The expressive uniqueness of the building, supported by the exterior continuity of its mezzanines and front terraces, allows conforming internal concavities to equip the use of each unit.

The extensive longitudinal development is integrated by a series of vertical bodies of exposed brick (own grills) that define the centers of each unit and collaborate with the rhythmic layout of the facade.

The structuring of the plant with two circulatory cores allows ordering four units per level. The ground floor, at street level, is intended for common use areas: access, parking and back garden with pool and barbecue. This is partially covered with a front landscaped slope that brings the level of natural soil closer to the residential units. The upper garden terrace, over the level of gauge, is expressed as a common exterior space defined by a roof that embraces the entire building, folds and marks the resolution of the lateral facades.

Natural materials have been used for their qualities, high durability and low maintenance. Specially those whose expression matches the attributes of their nature.

A simple and eloquent architecture, consistent and discreet, a significant urban piece: in short, a durable and representative of its time cultural asset.