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Santa Cruz Tower

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Corporate building

The proposal consists of a building formed by a tower and a basement. The low volume connects its height with the surrounding buildings so as to blend in a friendly way to the surroundings, consisting of residences and low-density buildings. The project organizes the mixed program – commercial centre, residential,hotel and clinic – in two geometrically curved volumes, which turn their activities towards an open inner atrium acclimatized by vegetation and water mirrors: a lobby plaza that covers three levels and extends the experience of the commercial promenade.

Corporate building
Concept and schematic design, 2014
62 440 m²

The corporate tower is located in the central axis, on the avenue. It is presented as the visible façade of the building and organizes the entrance to the complex. It consists of two elements: the inner vertical core, which contains circulations and services and connects the 25 open-plan, flexible elliptical floor levels, and the external cylinder, which corresponds to the glass façade and generates a space of multiple height on one of its sides, enabling the natural ventilation of the building.