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The Falls

Samborondon, Ecuador

Mixed use

Located in an important landmark on Samborondón Way, The Falls is developed as a 25,611 m² mixed-use project that combines residential units, offices and a two-story commercial pedestal in the heart of Samborondón, Ecuador.

Mixed use
Concept and schematic design, 2022
25.611 m²

With the purpose of creating an urban piece capable of giving dynamism and reinforcing the service offering while at the same time providing a new meeting space for the area, The Falls’ pedestal unfolds through a public, continuous space which opens up to its own front. The commercial area is generated by a continuous line of facades, ideal for retail brands, coffee shops and other types of gastronomic venues.


The commercial sector has flexible, modular spaces ranging from 50 to 120 m², distributed over a structural grid which allows expanding or reducing the square footage depending on the requirements of each shop, facilitating its implementation and preserving spatial efficiency.



At the underground level, a 305-space parking lot, making up a total area of 7340 m², with access points to the various areas of the project, guarantees optimal flow and circulation within the entire space.


An office area is located on the rooftop of the pedestal. This sector boasts a recreational space with greenery and ponds at rooftop level, which are an addition to the waterfalls that give the project its name, reinforcing the landscape and environmental quality of the site.


Two three-story terraced blocks organized as studios, suites and two-bedroom apartments make up the residential program of the complex. A wide range of amenities is located in the rooftop of the residential blocks, offering clear views of the entire horizon of the Ecuadorian canton.