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The line of hotels REEC by Oro Verde Hotels is defining a new brand identity that stands out for its design quality. Its architecture fully meets programmatic and functional requirements as it veers towards exploration and renewal in order to generate meaningful experiences.

Brand identity manual, 2020

REEC is a new line of hotels developed for the Oro Verde Hotels hospitality chain in Ecuador. Its design taps into the many facets of architecture as a vehicle between brand, user and city.


Connection, technology, dynamism, flexibility, and sustainability are some of the strategies that define the “REEC Attitude”, which is developed in the brand identity manual. The design components for outdoor, indoor and social areas, rooms, signage and applied brand are selected based on these notions.


Materials, textures, colors, lighting and furnishings make up a comprehensive design proposal which harmoniously arranges all the elements. The common denominator is quality of design, and the warmth of the natural materials selected.


REEC builds its identity and forges a special bond with the user, giving a sense of comfort by offering a connection with a variety of experiences and scales: from urban to room scale.