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Puerto Lago

Canelones, Uruguay

Residential building

Puerto Lago is located in the lake area of Parque Miramar, a sector of new real estate developments. The building, with a rectangular floor plan, is developed on five levels with tiered terraces.

Residential building
Completed, 2019
3 900 m2
Marcos Guiponi

It will have three façades: on the lake the terraces are oriented towards the best views, the northern façade and the entranceway are on Avenida de las Americas, and the lateral façades face east-west. The noble materials used in the exterior finishes do not require maintenance and offer a singular and contemporary image: glass, imitation wood cladding, plaster and exposed concrete details.


On the ground floor, a park stretches from the access to the edge of the lake, where the recreation and leisure areas of the complex are set.