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Paysandú Shopping Terminal

Paysandu, Uruguay

Bus terminal, shopping center

The building is located in the block occupied by the old COUSA industrial plant. This site, shared with facilities such as the Artigas stadium and the 8 de Junio closed stadium, establishes a new centrality connected to the city’s most important road network. The new terminal consists of a mixed-use building that includes a shopping centre, complementing the range of services and constituting an urban facility that repositions the city on a regional context and promotes its development in the west area.


Bus terminal, shopping center
Built, 2016
18 430 m²

Refunctionalization, conditioning and operative actions enable to take advantage of part of the existing building. This means affirming the culture of recycling, which allows to preserve values of different nature – buildings, economic – and to reorient investment in the areas that require greater relevance. The preservation of the centreline that cross Ituzaingo Street defines a linear occupation structure that develops from the main access towards the terminal’s plaza. This operates as an anchor of the shopping mall and generates synergy of varied usages.


The building is a unitary volume of great presence that unifies the metallic coating of the lateral walls and the flying roof on the platforms section in a high-storey prism. The technology chosen for its construction restores and re-elaborates the industrial architecture. Its size and austere presence are in dialogue with the sector’s large infrastructure, qualifying the public space and complementing those situated in the area.