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Social Hub, Palmares Valley

Mendoza, Argentina

Commercial, Corporate

Social Hub is a landmark building and a center of activity in the Palmares Valley development in Mendoza, Argentina.

Commercial, corporate
Project under development, 2020
6,000 m²

Palmares Valley, a large residential and corporate master plan in the format of a neighborhood replete with greenery, combines not only family homes and residential buildings, but also a series of corporate buildings and a large common space called the Social Hub.


The social purpose of this building is to serve the users of both the corporate and the residential sectors and at the same time to draw in people from outside. It is set along a traffic circle on a narrow strip of land between two large streets, one on which a corporate center is located while the other leads to a series of residential blocks. The building, on this sort of island, includes a large 1,000 m² gastronomic market, a number of service establishments, more than 2,300 m² of offices and an open plaza more than 1,250 m² in size.


The project’s calling card is a large opening that faces the traffic circle, where there is a restaurant and a terrace that juts out over an artificial pond. The open plaza, a unique space for people to gather, is strategically located exactly in the middle, in front of the corporate building, to allow passage from one side to the other.


The Hub is the first thing you see when you enter Palmares Valley from the boulevard, so great care was taken in the design and image of the complex. The micro-perforated skin that envelops the building creates a uniform volume while providing protection from the heat of the sun, especially in summertime.


We propose a project built in stages with a fast assembly metallic structure, which uses a system of prefabricated slabs or steel decking.