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Los Olivos de los Horneros

Canelones, Uruguay


«Los Olivos de los Horneros» is a mixed residential project developed by La Buonora y Asociados and Estudio Luis E. Lecueder. A comprehensive, 80-hectare estate along Camino de los Horneros in Canelones, Uruguay, the development sits in an area that has witnessed a major real estate growth in recent years.

Under construction
80 ha
Estudio Luis E. Lecueder, La Buonora y Asociados

The project consists of over 400 plots of land ranging from 800 to 1,000 m², and is conceived as an articulating element capable of building relationships between its residents, the community, and the natural landscape. The integration between the different programs expresses itself throughout the various layers of the project.


The program, mainly low-density housing and tourism-related activities, is further supported by a variety of services which include a boutique hotel, themed food court, themed gardens, a clubhouse offering sports and leisure activities, and even an olive tree museum.


In relation to the natural landscape, the multi-level terrain configures basins and low valleys that give way to creeks and the presence of indigenous trees. The proposal seeks to value the preexisting scenery, turning natural spaces into parks for common use by all homeowners, offering visual corridors where nature may both dictate and give structure, at once inhabiting and preserving the ecosystem.


An allowance of 6.5 meters has been specified for Camino de Los Horneros, to widen the lateral road next to Los Olivos, as well as 30 meters for expanding the roadway and incorporating a pedestrian path and bicycle path. The new public road network organizes the design around two streets: the main avenue, 20 meters in width and containing a central garden, connects Camino de los Horneros with Camino Paso de Escobar; the second road, with a width of 17 meters, intersects the development from east to west.


The subdivisions establish a system of macro-plots, comprised by plots of variable surface ranging from 800 to 1000 m² for isolated residential units, as well as plots of special dimensions, for those over 2000 m² destined for medium-density buildings.


The presence of the olive trees in every macro-plot deserves special attention. Each common-use area will have its own olive orchard to encourage educational and training activities where local schools may take part in the learning process on how to work the land and strive towards environmental sustainability.


From the very onset, the project has sought to take into account the environmental dimension in a comprehensive manner, considering the soil, infrastructure, mixed equipment and landscape, all in one place.


Los Olivos de los Horneros comprises all the basic and complementary components to offer a friendly experience, one that is optimized for the enjoyment of audiences, residents and visitors alike.