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Canelones, Uruguay

Residential complex

This residential complex consists of three buildings implanted in an area of strong natural presence. The lot included significant woodland and the presence of a nearby lake. The chosen solution aims at respecting and enhancing these characteristics by means of curved directrix volumes. This creates continuous façades without the traditional hierarchies of front and rear, while simultaneously avoiding the feeling of opposing blocks, expanding the openings created by them and gently guiding the visuals towards different sceneries.

Residential complex
Completed, 2012
8 500 m²
Associate architects:

The material definition of the project approaches with no picturesque concessions to the natural quality of the environment. This is accomplished by means of the gentle presence of «natural» materials (wood, stone) in coexistence and contrast with the absolutely industrial character of the glazed and composite aluminium planes.


The final expression is solved in terms of horizontal planes contained by slight curved enclosures, with different degrees of transparency. Although heavy, opaque and stony, the base creates the transition towards the natural support.


The result of the operation returns the leading role to a landscaped environment that flows naturally between the buildings, recovering the forest quality next to the lake.