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La Fabril. Corporate Building

Manta, Ecuador


The site is located on one of the main access routes to the city, in a region where productive areas and low-density residential fabric coexist. The industrial landscape, characteristics of the surroundings, geometry of the site and program suggest a design with precise formal accents in the proposal for external image and an efficient spatial approach for the office program.

Concept and schematic design, 2017
6 780 m2

The new architectural object is placed in the industrial plant, respecting the productive logics and their future development. The new strategic office building, which contains the administrative areas of the complex, is part of an architectural master plan that improves and replaces the existing buildings. The design proposes a simple formal solution for the volume and the spaces, optimizing the advantages of the structural and constructive approach; versatility and services incite a building of a basically prismatic character.


The building consists of five floors, which are distributed in the basement, assigned for parking, cafeteria, multiuse room and services; the entrance level and offices; two type floors for bureaux and the roof level, assigned for management, with an elevated terrace.


The project responds to the character of the place through its siting, volumetrics, materiality of the façades and the incorporation of the courtyard as an articulating space. The planning of a high pedestrian bridge over the Manta-Montecristi highway will connect the new headquarters of La Fabril with the industrial park. A series of actions on the immediate space will determine areas for pedestrian traffic, acclimatization with green spaces and urban equipment.


Understanding contemporary spaces as complex creations that require an integral and multidisciplinary approach and transcend architecture, several unifying action scales related to the new image are taken into account. The interior design and signage of the different spaces, acknowledging the needs of all customers is intended. Together, they convey the corporate values and créate a strong recognizable brand image, applicable to future corporate buildings.