The western coast of the department of Montevideo is an exceptional site for its natural landscape values. Historically, and paradoxically, these places have not created tourist or residential developments in the last decades, and remain as unappreciated spaces.

Montevideo, Uruguay
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One of the design preconditions for the development of the master plan was to approach the natural environment as a frame reference and consider it as a harmonious whole, a unique place where our typical countryside landscape and the presence of the Río de la Plata converge. For the design of  treets, walking paths, parks and shoreline promenades, the conditions of the soil, ravines, run-off waters and arboreal masses of native forest were
contemplated, aiming at highlighting all these qualities.

The residential projects and their auxiliary constructions such as barbecues and swimming pools are incorporated into the scenery respecting the natural characteristics of the place. The new constructions are sited considering a series of urbanistic parameters; buildings and easements are generously withdrawn in order to preserve the countryside image. A careful constructive regulation for the dwellings emphasizes the existing vegetation, hierarchizing it with careful landscaping interventions and bearing in mind future constructions for the complex.

The country hotel is part of the first phase, along with the development of 33 farms. It has a very particular history and heritage, since it is located in the original building of the Mailhos family, a building with interesting architectural values dating back to 1909.

The enterprise provides other services to the hotel and the farms: swimming pool, events room, horse riding circuit, equipment and services for equestrian sports and golf course. The richness of the fauna, flora and native vegetation is one of the attributes of the place that will help to create an environment of comfort and tranquillity for the farm and hotel customers.