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Joy Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay

Residential building

The residential building is located in a privileged area of Montevideo, a piece of land with unique characteristics due to its generous dimensions, its passing character between two important avenues, excellent connectivity and service coverage.

Residential building
Under construction
27 850 m²

It differs from other offers in the market because of the number of units, the variety and the quality of amenities and services.  These include pools (open and closed), barbecues, cafeteria, multipurpose rooms with barbecue and kitchen, gym and a game room. 


A panoramic sky-restaurant with uninterrupted 360° views is located on the upper level. Here the interior space is projected towards the outside in a generous terrace. 


The project consists of 4 levels of underground parking, 3 for service areas and amenities and 25 levels of apartments of three different types of plants, totaling 188 units of varying typological resolution. 


The design is based on a composition where horizontal lines predominate and is supported by concepts of transparency and permeability in order to expose a rich collection of contemporary materials, textures and colors. 


Joy Mvd is committed to quality and is a significant contribution to its immediate surroundings and the skyline of Montevideo.