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Carmelo Complex

Colonia, Uruguay

Mixed use

This project is located in Colonia, on a lot along the river. It consists of various hotel, housing and commercial components that complement each other and coexist to enhance the unique characteristics of the surrounding landscape.

Mixed use
Concept and schematic design, 2016
3 700 m2

The proposal is a testimony to the topology of the site: the concavity in the coastline and the resolution of the project seek to combine in a harmonious dialogue the existing colonial spirit with a contemporary language and purpose. The installation of the different premises is organized in a line parallel to the river forming a visually open front with gastronomic activities and a riverfront promenade.


Its compositional simplicity, simple lines and materiality reflect the character of the existing surroundings, harmoniously combining stone, wood, glass, concrete and water, making this place an illustration of how architecture dialogues with the landscape and builds a scene of relaxation and tranquility.