• programa : educativo, cultural y deportivo
  • pais : Uruguay
  • orden : 2

Club Cash

Montevideo, Uruguay

Social, cultural, and sports facilities

Club Cash is a social, cultural and sports-related development that spans approximately 6700 sqm on a 6.6-hectare lot, located on the intersection of Route 102 and Camino al Paso del Andaluz, on the Northern border of Montevideo. The construction of the facility will offer a variety of multi-purpose spaces for sports, recreation, community-building and contact with nature.

Social, cultural, and sports facilities
Project under development
6 700 sqm
6,6 ha

The floor plan design consists of two interconnected square pavilions: one devoted to sports, with 3900 sqm of interior area and a large, 730 sqm central courtyard; the other, a 1760 sqm social pavilion with a 320 sqm central courtyard.


The social pavilion comprises an access hall with administrative offices, an event hall that can host up to 400 people, interior patio, roofed outdoor terraces, cafeteria, gaming hall and complementary services room. The sports pavilion has a multi-purpose court with bleachers, weight training room, three gymnasiums (for yoga, Pilates, martial arts, etc.), two indoor pools and locker rooms. All the spaces are organized around a spacious central courtyard and a roofed terrace that projects towards the gardens outside.


Both buildings are single story, with a metal structure divided into 9×9 m modules, and a lightweight roof that slopes towards the central courtyards.


The design seeks to generate a continuum that connects the interior and exterior spaces. The patios are equipped with outdoor furniture and the landscape design allows for a variety of uses while reinforcing the natural character of the facilities.


The modular design allows for greater flexibility in the use of the spaces, adapting it to different purposes and functions.


The lot can be accessed by private vehicles and buses for groups and delegations, and defines an access and exit road that connects to a parking lot with enough capacity to serve the user demand.


The project’s outdoor spaces feature a solarium and outdoor pool, full-size football pitch, five-a-side football pitch, two tennis courts, and an outdoor barbeque sector, located amidst the landscaped area next to the social pavilion. The generous dimensions of the lot will allow expanding the service offering to include new sports and social areas in the future.