Monterrey, Mexico

Mixed use

Catehua is located in an industrial sector of Monterrey characterized by low building density, which is a strategic enclave due to its connection to important avenues and its proximity to cultural, educational and sports facilities such as the university, Niños Héroes park and the stadium.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project is the design of an area that integrates various uses in a public space that is inclusive and binding, and gives a strong sense of community to users and visitors. An urban hall was designed facing the avenue along with a central space generated by the positioning of the towers and natural infiltration, which becomes a reference space, an oasis.

The urban hall is created by the narrowing of the building and the expansion of the avenue. This allows the creation of a plaza surrounded by commercial premises that can be accessed at different levels through platforms that regulate the degree of privacy required by the different office, residential and hotel components.

The oasis is surrounded by a base of coworking offices and the access to the residential towers and the hotel, which are positioned radially to free up the center of the property, guarantee sunlight and allow unobstructed views of the mountainous landscape.

The project seeks to generate a unique natural atmosphere by designing outdoor spaces with a variety of plant species and urban equipment. These spaces give the project its special character and contribute to the improvement of the inviting and attractive public space. Its synergy gives rise to a district based on its location, scale and ability to absorb present and future uses.