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Monterrey, Mexico

Mixed use

Catehua responds to new development models. It was born as a demand of its own time. Located in an industrial area of Monterrey and characterized by a low building-density, it is a strategic enclave due to the connection to important avenues and proximity to cultural, educational and sports facilities, such as the university, the Niños Heroes Park and the stadium.

Mixed use
Under construction
104 000 m2

First prize in competition by invitation.

First prize in the Best Mixed Use Project category at the Latin American Real Estate Development Awards (LADI) 2018.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project is the design of an integration area combining various programs, inclusive and binding, in a public space and providing a strong sense of community to customers and visitors. An urban hall is designed towards the avenue and a central space created by the positioning of the towers and the natural infiltration, which becomes a reference space, the oasis. The urban hall results of contracting the building and expanding the avenue, which creates a square surrounded by commercial premises. From there, it is possible to gain access, through platforms, to different levels that regulate the degrees of privacy required by the office programs, residential programs and hotel. The oasis is surrounded by a basement of co-work offices and the entrance to the residential and hotel towers, which are positioned radially so as to free the centre of the site, guaranteeing sunlight and allowing unobstructed views of the mountain scenery.

The project aims at a unique natural atmosphere, designing outdoor spaces with a variety of plant species and urban equipment. These spaces are the highlights of the project, contributing to e improve and qualify the convenor and singular public space. Because of its location, scale and ability to absorb programs nowadays and in the future, its synergy generates a district.