This residential, single-family project is located on an 82-hectare estate in Maldonado, Uruguay, off a country road that starts on route 9 and heads north. After surveying the land and its topography, the proposed orientation maximizes the unique landscape qualities of the surroundings.

Maldonado, Uruguay
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The client wanted to generate a space for the family to enjoy as they welcome guests, with a variety of outdoor and indoor areas that can be easily conditioned to guarantee their use throughout the year.

In order to protect the residents from harsh weather and distribute natural light evenly among the spaces, the house is arranged in an L-shape, with the main openings placed on the northwest-facing concavity. This generates a compact facade to the south, and locates the main entrance at the intersection of both lines.

With regards to the construction system chosen, the project uses lightweight, treated Eucalyptus wood panels with FSC forest certification. This system gives great flexibility and warmth to the design, offering spaces with good thermal and acoustic insulation, and achieves fast construction times and easy installation.

Outdoors, a variety of spaces amplify the enjoyment of the natural surroundings, such as an outdoor lounge, barbeque, and fireplace, located in close proximity to the house.

The entrance to the house is marked by an empty space where native vegetation flourishes, producing a “wow factor”, bright and green, that divides the common and private areas. The colors on the outside display predominantly darker hues that contrast with the warm, light tones found inside.