• programa : Corporativo
  • pais : Perú
  • orden : 20


Lima, Peru

Corporate building

Camelias is a private initiative that includes a corporate office building in the district of San Isidro in front of Combate de Abtao Park, an important and qualified green area of Lima.

Corporate building
28 300 m²
LEED Core & Shell, Gold
Renzo Rebagliati

The design proposes a differential in this segment of the real estate market by presenting an identity brand. It acknowledges the characteristics of the place, reinterprets them and offers, by means its volume, activities on the ground floor and the resolution of its facades, a building in a contemporary take with an innovative image, incorporating the constructive norms of the site and maximum spatial, constructive and environmental efficiency.


The great gesture of the project is reserved for the corner: an ascending space in form of a wedge reveals and hierarchizes the entrance, becoming the spatial event of the proposal. The corner as a multilevel urban hall articulates the different scales and uses between the public space and the lobby. Its design raises a “signal”, an urban reference.


As from a compositional point of view, the building rises on a basement that encloses the most public areas on the ground floor, and offices and their support spaces on the upper levels.


The remaining levels are adaptable to the requirements of the customers, aiming at the efficiency and flexibility of the working space, thus allowing different usage formats: open office, common areas, conference rooms and multipurpose spaces.


The glazed enclosing alternates tonalities according to its light system, sun’s incidence and reflections of the environment.