• programa : Usos mixtos
  • pais : Uruguay
  • orden : 425

Cala del Yacht

Canelones, Uruguay

Mixed use

High-end, mixed-use development located within a natural setting in Canelones, Uruguay.

Mixed uses (residential, corporate, commercial)
Under construction
Plot area:
17 598 m²
81 102 m²
La Buonora y asociados

Sitting on the corner of two major avenues, Avenida de las Américas and Avenida Racine, Cala del Yacht is a mixed-use development including residential, corporate and commercial spaces. Nature acquires prominence in this project facing Calcagno Lake and Roosevelt Park.


The landscape potential of the site adds to the smooth relationship with some of the major roadways and first-level infrastructure of the area. Carrasco International Airport, the civic center of Ciudad de la Costa and the logistics corridor of Route 101 are of special importance.


The repurposing of Punta Cala, a well-known event venue, is envisaged, as well as the development of adjacent lots. The project comprises three stages. The first one stipulates the construction of a residential and a mixed use tower building, as Punta Cala is transformed into a commercial center.


The new, two-story commercial building is marked by transparency, brightness and warmth. The volume is structured around a diagonal that leads to the lakeside commercial promenade, which will include services, stores, restaurants, parking area and spaces for recreational and sports activities, where the landscape will be the main feature.


The towers are configured over a base plinth and a commercial ground floor, with thirteen floors housing the main program—residential or mixed use, depending on the building—, and a top floor containing amenities. The layout of the floor plan is organized through a 9-module grid with the circulation and service core at the center.


The buildings are free-standing, which liberates the facades and optimizes the views. The modulation of the facade combines openings, panels and planters that introduce nature into the buildings, as concrete details and wooden lattices contrast with the glazing. The expression of horizontal lines is further reinforced by the edges of the slabs and glass railings.


Terraces allow for visual permeability and extend interior spaces, projecting them towards the landscape. The uninterrupted spaces between the buildings allow for a physical and visual connection between the park, Avenida Racine and the lake.


Cala del Yacht is a top-tier architectural project that contributes a new urban image, where architecture and landscape complement each other in harmony.