Towers 1 and 2 are located on the banks of Lake Calcagno, in Canelones. They form the first stage of Boating, an urban piece composed of six towers.  This residential complex promotes the landscape development of the surrounding area. In addition to the unique geographical features of the lake, whose shoreline is under development, it is also a peninsula jutting into the lake. Its proximity to Roosevelt Park, important connecting roads and the airport gives it an excellent location.

Canelones, Uruguay
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The plan is aimed at capturing the 360° view of the natural surroundings. The free-standing towers, rectangular in shape with rounded edges, have a ground floor and 18 stories of apartments. Each floor is composed of two vertical nuclei and eight dwelling units that have unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. The slabs and railings create horizontal stripes across the facade.

This stage also includes a series of two or three-story houses or villas with private access to the lake. In addition, there will be a sector of facilities common to both towers: an indoor and outdoor pool with a deck facing the lake, a sports area, a gym and a gourmet barbecue.

There is also a plaza, an open space with careful landscape design planning that forms the entrance to the hall of each tower and to the common facilities.