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Bilú Riviera

Montevideo, Uruguay

Residential and corporate building renovation

The project recognizes and values the architectural characteristics of existing buildings, integrated into the collective imaginary of the city. It relates history, heritage and future; it refurbishes the constructions’ original programs to one of a mixed nature: offices and top-quality dwellings. It acknowledges three distinct spheres of action: the former Hotel Riviera, its northern section, and the manor house with its garden.

Residential and corporate building renovation
Completed, 2023
11 700 m²
LEED Core&shell, Certified (In progress)

Video courtesy Altius Group

The remodelling of the former Hotel Riviera preserves the expressive treatment of the original building, with characteristic elements of Art Deco, respecting its internal organization and translating it into spaces organized so as to obtain the best views.


In its northern façade, a body of residential use is attached that transforms the old dividing wall into a new façade.


A new office building is attached to the former hotel. Its formal resolution proposes a contemporary language that respects the guidelines of the original construction. It has a generous double- height entrance lobby, with great spatial quality.


The manor house and its garden are an architectural ensemble of Andalusian inspiration and high heritage value. The remodelling highlights these characteristics and adapts the spaces for corporate use.


Each section presents well-defined compositional, spatial and expressive values. The character of the proposal combines architectural design and materiality. Simple materials are used, with the expressivity provided by exposed concrete, stone, glass and the wood used in fixed panels and in protection shutters.


The project conceives architecture and interior design as a whole, aiming at the total quality of the work. A building with this compositional and programmatic singularity defines an identity and a brand that will be a relevant milestone for this area of the city.