Aug 23 , 2022

REBS+ Guadalajara 2022

The Mexican city of Guadalajara, a pivotal hub for politics, economy, social life, culture, and tourism within the country, was recently the host for the latest REBS+ Real Estate Congress. This event, organized by B2B Media, unfolded at the Hyatt Regency Andares Guadalajara Hotel on September 1st. 

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Its flexibility in accommodating real estate development across various segments has established the Jalisco capital as a preferred investment destination for both local and international investors. These investors are particularly interested in launching residential, industrial, and mixed-use projects. 

According to the market research by 4S titled "THE T4LKS How are we doing, Guadalajara?" Guadalajara has emerged as the city with the most significant evolution in the verticalization demand index, witnessing a 7% annual increase to date and a growth of 2.7% in 2020. In contrast, this segment saw a 15% annual decline in sales nationwide during the pandemic period. 

During the REBS+ event, our Manager Gonzalo Puceiro took part in a panel focusing on vertical development. He was joined by Alejandro Leaño (CEO of Grupo Idex), Amalio Alonso (Director at MAF Capital of Grupo Marhos), with Arturo Gonzáles (regional partner of Grupo 4S Real Estate) serving as the moderator. 

The panel's discussion centered on the diverse viewpoints and insights of the panelists regarding the current state of Latin American urban development. It specifically addressed the challenges posed by horizontal development to the orderly growth of cities and the counteracting benefits that vertical development can offer. 

On the topic of these benefits, Gonzalo Puceiro remarked, "Vertical development enables the enhancement of city areas that already have certain collective infrastructures (...) our Latin American cities cannot afford to squander these infrastructures." 

Our Manager concluded, "Guadalajara is a city that has experienced exponential growth in vertical development projects, as seen in the skyline of some peripheral centralities; and it still holds considerable potential for development, as evidenced by this event."