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Park Building

Quito, Ecuador

Mixed use

Park Building is a mixed-use project located in the financial and business center of Quito, Ecuador. It is set in a busy area near La Carolina Park, a large green space that is one of the most important public recreation points in the metropolitan area.

Mixed use
Concept and schematic design, 2019
72 711 m²

The complex, made up of three 19-story stand-alone towers, is designed according to a detailed market analysis that outlines the target audience, their needs, housing types and the amenities they seek. The assessment found that the ideal audience is young couples with or without children and families with children up to 20 years old.


The lot slopes downward towards the corner with the most direct access to the complex from one of the city’s main arteries. As a result of these topographical characteristics, the development focuses in that direction and takes advantage of the flow of foot traffic by expanding the outside area on the ground floor to make room for a park with esplanades and an artificial pond. This opening up of the complex enhances its impact with an attractively landscaped space which extends into the interior of the property. The semi-covered walkway lined with commercial premises is green and leafy and, besides being accessible and permeable, provides shelter and insulation from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the main concepts underlying the development is to generate quality public space, to forge a bond with the community.


The three residential towers that rise above the base have programmatic flexibility so that they can be used, if demand dictates, for corporate or hotel purposes, as well as housing. In modules that can be easily adapted according to their use, varied housing typologies are projected, incorporating different formats demanded by consumers today.


A strong platform of amenities is interspersed as the levels progress, giving rise to variations in the facades. On the fifth story, a bridge will connect the towers and therefore the amenities of the complex. The towers’ rooftop terraces will offer swimming pools, barbecues and other features.