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La Fabril. Offices

Guayaquil, Ecuador


This is one of the first projects carried out for this leading company in the Ecuadorian market in the manufacture of fats, oils, oleochemicals, cleaning and hygiene products and biofuels. The project involved remodeling a series of corporate constructions.

Completed, 2018
Juan Alberto Andrade. @JAG_studio

The client was interested in renewing its image, so that both employees and visitors would perceive the philosophy of the company reflected in its buildings. To that end, we created an integral design, supported by the spatial configuration, the equipment and the applied brand and signage proposal. We established the main design strategies and developed a manual that reflected the company’s institutional values – transparency, innovation and solidity – at all levels. A series of institutional messages and monochromatic giant wall graphics showing the raw materials used by La Fabril accompany the visitor on a tour of the building.


Another key objective was to adapt the result to the new functional needs of the organization. To achieve this, the interior garden office concept was applied and the work areas were reconfigured, generating open, wide, flexible spaces. The few existing divisions are glazed and reinforce the visual permeability of the space.


An exposed ceiling was used to emphasize the industrial character of the business, while some specific spaces were set off with drop box ceilings and variable flooring, of different color and materials according to their location.


The facade aims at expressive neutrality, another of the concepts sought by the client. It uses austere, low-maintenance materials and functions as an external skin. Through the use of few formal resources it manages to generate a new and delicate visual proposal. In its composition, the corporeal logo and a series of vertical fins that provide a balanced coloring stand out.