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Reconversion of the Alfredo G.
Paulson Hospital



The Guayaquil Welfare Board, the largest NGO in Ecuador, is seeking to concentrate its healthcare facilities in the Alejandro Mann Hospital Complex.

Concept and schematic design, 2020
Associate Architects:
Danza Cotignola Staricco Arquitectos

To respond to the demand, a proposal is being drafted that outlines several stages:


The first, in the short term, reconverts the 40,000 m2 Alfredo G. Paulson Hospital – the main building in the complex – into a state-of-the-art High Complexity Center.


This stage also includes an intervention on the existing building, with external consultants, which optimizes the physical plant while increasing its capacity. In addition, it proposes the creation of a new administrative center.


The second, in the medium term, defines strategies that unify the support infrastructure and improve the operating efficiency and economies of scale of the hospital complex. At the same time, it expands the physical plant of the highly complex installations and projects a new parking facility.


The last stage sets out long-term guidelines for the future growth of the complex and manages adjoining land with few buildings.