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El Parque



El Parque is a new residential development on Mocolí Island in Samborondón, Guayaquil. The property has a strong identity closely intertwined with its natural surroundings, a high landscape value, and is located in the heart of a prominent area of private neighborhoods.

Residential development
Project under development, 2021
4,2 ha
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The project consists of 60 units on individual and multi-family lots with an extraordinary endowment of shared natural spaces. Only 50% of the land will be destined to private lots with areas of about 420 m² each.


The key to the proposal is to create a habitat that stands out for its landscape and link with nature. The heart of the project is the park, an interconnected system of common areas where internal roads, themed gardens and amenities encourage community bonding. 


The residential units, of between 125 and 145 sq. m., are presented as one- or two-story detached buildings. They are located on individual lots with frontages of at least 15 m and average depths of 28 m. The larger coastal lots are complemented by two multi-family macro lots.  


All urban and architectural components are based on the development’s identity, design quality, execution and level of detail. The visual identity of the complex is based on refined lines and contemporary language, with spatial designs that appeal to the expressiveness of its own materiality.  


Flat cantilevered roofs and linked volumes with diverse finishes guarantee controlled diversity and expressive harmony. Large openings link the interior areas with outdoor spaces, both their own and shared, which are designed for the enjoyment of their residents. 


The actions on the landscape design of the complex are essential because they integrate the shared urban areas and the front gardens of each residence while amplifying the sense of nature.