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Diamantis Plaza

Montevideo, Uruguay

Residential complex

Diamantis Plaza is located on the premises of the former industrial plant of Cristalerias del Uruguay. The morphology of the proposal responds to the urban qualities of the site and the pre-existing conditions of its manufacturing past, adapting itself to the segments of urban structure and to the road network that it contributes to shape and hierarchize.

Residential complex
Built, 2015
70 000 m²
Marcos Guiponi / Aéreas: Xufo

Two articulated action strategies are defined. The highest density is proposed on Rivera Avenue with three towers. Northwards, part of the existing constructions is recycled and a new urban structure is defined.

Existing buildings with heritage and urban value are recovered, adapting them to the scale and character of the public space.

These typical constructions of industrial architecture have attributes that are enhanced: the great spatiality of the gable roof, the space determined by the metallic trusses, the rhythm of the openings on the façade and its materiality, which allow for residential duplex loft- types.

The central space of the block is designed as an integrating garden of areas and activities developed in two levels, combining areas of leisure and common services.

The densifying operation with the tower building type allows for a double benefit: to create spaces destined to green áreas and services, and to obtain the best panoramic views offered by the immediate environment.

The three basement levels defined under the entrance level are allocated to parking lots and, when allowed by topographic conditions, the definition of areas with a commercial destination. This operation is complemented with the creation, improvement and qualification of the public space of the section.

The complex has a series of amenities: event halls, gymnasium, open swimming pool with solarium and water games, heated indoor swimming pools, changing rooms, sauna, equipment room, games room, barbecue lounges, conference rooms, guest accommodations and day-care.

The image uses simple and precise design concepts, expressly adjusted to the qualities of the location and the scale of the operation in order to reaffirm the complementary dialogue with the pre-existences, which are integrated and highlighted. The materiality is based on the use of high quality materials, including wáter into the interior landscape in order to emphasize and characterize spaces by means of ponds, water mirrors and swimming pools.

The proposal develops two complementary dimensions: the concern of designing the best urban and architectural response combined with the requirements set forth by the client, in order to build a significant contribution to the city and the community.