GP in webinar “Hyper-mixed Developments: the new reality in Latin America”

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  • Fecha : Oct 13, 2020
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Martín Gómez Platero and Arturo De los Santos formed part of the panel of experts who lectured on “hyper-mixed developments” on Tuesday, October 13th. They sat on the online panel with Samuel Hernández from Grupo 4S, Jorge Castañares from Xpertha Capital, and Marcela Valencia and Carlos Ossa from Grupo Arké.


We appreciate the invitation to participate in the webinar “Hyper-mixed Developments: the new reality in Latin America”, where “hyper-mixed developments” were analyzed in terms of technical, zoning, regulatory, commercial, legal and financial aspects. In addition, questions from the public were answered and the prospects for post-pandemic recovery in the real estate industry were discussed, based on a survey carried out in Latin America by Grupo 4S.